API endpoints

Public API Endpoints Mainnet

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Every block producer publishes a bp.json file which among other things lists their api endpoints (if they’ve chosen to provide one). The steps are:

That said below is a quick reference to some public API endpoints that can be used to vote / interact with the production EOS blockchain.

  • https://api.eosnewyork.io
  • https://api.eosio.cr:80
  • https://api.eosdetroit.io:443
  • https://eos.greymass.com:443
  • https://api.eosmetal.io:18890
  • http://api.hkeos.com:80
  • https://eosapi.blockmatrix.network:443
  • https://fn.eossweden.se:443
  • http://api.blockgenicbp.com:8888
  • http://mainnet.eoscalgary.io:80
  • https://node1.eosphere.io and https://node2.eosphere.io
  • https://eos.saltblock.io
  • http://eos-api.worbli.io:80
  • https://eos-api.worbli.io:443
  • http://mainnet.eoscalgary.io:80
  • https://user-api.eoseoul.io:443 and http://user-api.eoseoul.io:80 with CORS supported
  • https://node2.liquideos.com:8883 and http://node2.liquideos.com:8888
  • https://api.eosuk.io:443
  • http://api1.eosdublin.io:80
  • http://api.eosvibes.io:80
  • http://api.cypherglass.com:8888 and https://api.cypherglass.com:443
  • http://bp.cryptolions.io:8888
  • http://dc1.eosemerge.io and https://dc1.eosemerge.io
  • https://api.eosio.cr:443
  • https://api.eosn.io
  • https://eu1.eosdac.io:443
  • https://api.main.alohaeos.com:443
  • https://rpc.eosys.io

Usage Note for cleos users

To quickly test one of these apis run:

cleos -u <url> get info

for example:

cleos -u http://api.eosnewyork.io:80 get info

You should see a response with the most recent block information, the producer’s name, timestamp etc.

Please note that to perform voting you will need to interact with the system subcommand on the endpoint you are accessing. Some of the endpoints above may be running behind firewalls with some functionality (namely the system command) disabled.

To check if the endpoint you’ve selected will work for voting, run:

cleos -u http://api.eosnewyork.io:80 system listproducers

If you get back a list of producers then you should be ok.

Testnet API Endpoints

  • https://api.jungle.alohaeos.com
  • http://jungle2.cryptolions.io:80
  • https://jungle2.cryptolions.io:443
  • https://eos-jungle.eosblocksmith.io:443
  • http://jungle.eosbcn.com:8080
  • http://jungle.eosmetal.io:18888
  • https://jungle.eosphere.io:443
  • http://jungle2.cryptolions.io:8888

Run your own endpoint

While this is more complex, running your own node give you full control.

On a fresh Ubuntu 16 server (use your server of choice of course, but these instructions were executed on that OS) - Note that you need at least 16GB or ram and at minimum 20GB of disk space before you can begin this process. Also note that this take a long time to run, expect 24 hours before your node is in a usable state.

Clone the repo and compile the software

git clone https://github.com/EOSIO/eos.git --recursive
cd eos/
cd build/
sudo make install

Get a copy of the blocks and prepare the env.

A recent copy of the blockchain data can be found at https://eosnode.tools/blocks (Provided by Block Matrix - https://blockmatrix.network/)

sudo su 
~~Not best practice but the following performed as root~~
mkdir /eos
cd /eos
mkdir data
wget $(wget --quiet "https://eosnode.tools/api/blocks?limit=1" -O- | jq -r '.data[0].s3') -O blocks_backup.tar.gz
tar xvzf blocks_backup.tar.gz
mv mnt/blocks /eos/data

Add config.ini to the /eos folder.

{We plan to provide a suggested config file here in the future to help those not familiar with Node configuration, in the meantime please reach out to EOS New York and request assistance}

/usr/local/eosio/bin/nodeos -d /eos/data --config-dir=/eos --hard-replay --wasm-runtime wabt
.... wait ... then wait some more ... it can take many hours for the replay to finish at which point the node will being syning with the network.